MakeWright Films partners Kathy Conkwright and Mary Makley have produced award-winning films on the history and culture of their community for more than a decade. Drawing on the sensibility of the Southern storytelling tradition. MakeWright Films strives to tell character-driven narratives that go beyond the surface. Like the best of Southern stories, the heart of our films lies not in the black and white but in the grey areas of life and experience.

Southern Belle goes international!

Southern Belle is one of 5 films from the US chosen to be screened at the 2012 INPUT Conference in Sydney, Australia. INPUT is international television’s most important and influential annual screening conference for more than 35 years. This unique event — held in a different country each year — encourages the development of public service television by screening and debating the most outstanding programmes from around the world." Conkwright and Makley are very excited to share the film with an international audience and continue the conversation about their unique style and approach to one of the most controversial and widely debated topics in America. To read more visit pubmedia.html